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Product recalls

"Success is often achieved by those

who don’t know that failure is inevitable."

Coco Chanel - French fashion designer

HEATPORT work hard on improving our product range. Every year we bring many improvements, and over time we have been able to increase the overall quality of our products, in many aspects above that of our competitors. Now we can proudly look back to when we first started. All new improvements carry the risk of stepping into the unknown and things not always going as planned. In the words of Steve Jobs: "Some mistakes have been made and will be made along the way. That is good, because at least some decisions will be made along the way.".

 When we identify any issues related to quality, we try to learn as soon as possible, not just how to fix these, but also how to improve our products even more. This way our heating systems come with better stability, increased lifetime and more positive user experience.

Current product recalls

* No current recalls.

* At HEATPORT we have never issued a single compulsory product recall. The above voluntary recalls are published from our own initiative to increase the level of satisfaction with our products or to provide the formal guidance to fix known issues.

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